Meelko machinery combos - USD 43,001


With Meelko machinery combos for fish, cats or dogs food, you will be able to elaborate quality balanced food, using to the maximum your raw material and with the confidence to bring machines with a vanguard engineering that guarantees a high durability and excellent functioning.

The extruders are perfect for the production of various animal feeds, the finished product can have different shapes depending on your requirements.

We have a wide variety of machinery, and many years of experience with which we can help you choose the Meelko product combination that best suits you according to your needs and projects. We guarantee a high quality and scalability of the service. We provide machinery to small, medium and large industries. Do not hesitate to contact us!


PRICE: USD $ 43,001.00


Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 103

Contact Email:

Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098




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